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English Lake District, home of artists and writers

February 14, 2009


Coniston in winter

Coniston in winter

The English Lake District has long been known for its writers and artists, including Wordsworth and Ruskin. Visitors come from all around the world to visit the houses where they lived, wrote or painted. The tradition goes on and many writers live and work in this area of outstanding Beauty.

Coniston Water in February - after the snow.

Coniston Water in February - after the snow.



This is the area close to where I live and work. The beauty of where I live is a constant inspiration to my writing. Likewise the area where I lived as a child and a young married woman. For that was an area of clothing manufacture and, for me,  the trials and tribulations of factory work and struggling to be an established designer. Later on a teacher. That area was the Midlands, where I once dreamed of visiting the Lake District for a holiday. That is, if ever I had the money. Now I live here and think myself ‘rich’ indeed — for beauty of landscape is worth more than gold. Peace and tranquility worth more than the burden of wealth. This is my home, or at least close to where I live. From our market town of Ulverston we can see for many miles — out to sea across the bay, as well over to the Pennines and the far reaches of Cumbria.

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SEX? Had Enough Of It?

February 2, 2009

SEX Had enough of it? Let’s face it, the TV screen is seldom lacking in scenes or language with sexual connotations.

Of course, when I was young there were no television screens to inform us about such matters or to stir our imaginations (or hormones when we approached puberty). Radio did not broadcast such things either. But we had the silver screen to teaching us romantic notions, if little else. Oh the queues outside the cinema when the Outlaw was released! Buxom Jane Russell in a low cut blouse, and with a sultry look to go with it. Evidently her being tied up is now considered as a bondage scene. We had never heard of such things as bondage in relation to sex. In fact we had heard and seen hardly anything in relation to sex other than simple kissing and lusty looks.

When I heard Alfred Hitchcock talking, a few years ago, of his scenes that were symbolic of the sex act, I have to admit it never occurred to us (me anyway) that the end scene with a train entering a tunnel, or a sudden burst of fireworks, could be anything other than what they appeared to be. Only education or experience would have given us a hint and we (that is my friend and I) had neither.

No education? Well, some. We did learn about single celled animal life that reproduced by division.

But surely graffiti on toilet walls told us SOMETHING? No. I don’t even recall graffiti until I was much older.

What about the F word? No, I had not heard of it (that I recall) but I would not have known what it meant until “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” became a court case and then was released for general reading.

We were naïve and ignorant (as mentioned in my When Phones Were Immobile and Lived in Red Boxes

Funny thing about words. How do some words become used for swearing? That is, in the first place?

When I was teaching one morning a pupil suddenly ruined the picture he was painting. He yelled the F word. (Such swearing unheard of in my classes – I only heard swearing in the staff room!))

I could see he was shocked by his own sudden outburst so I decided not to make an issue out of it. But the class had stopped work and each pupil was looking at me. “Keith swore, Miss. He said the F word.”

So I looked at Keith and asked him if he would explain to me what the F word meant. “It is not in my vocabulary,” I said.

The class giggled. “Oh Miss, it is a rude word.”

 “Ah, so you know, You explain then.”

The class went silent.

“Don’t say words that you are ashamed to explain,” I told them all, and they got on with their work.

Why this little story? Because I believe you can write romantic, yes, and erotic, stories in language that expresses feelings and sensations that are in harmony with the soul and with nature, without the need for coarseness. Those looking for kitchen sink drama with nothing but swearing must look elsewhere. Personally, I hear enough of it on the TV!

Sex, Sex, Sex! Over Sixties Too? Shocking!

January 31, 2009

Sex, sex, sex! Over sixties too?

Most days my post “Sex and the Over Sixties- Blazing Embers,” receives a visit, sometimes several visits. It is the highest scoring post over the last six months. Clearly there is a strong interest in the subject. But is this surprising? Those people who grew up in a more promiscuous age, and one must add ‘enlightened’ age as regards sex, will be already receiving their free bus passes, which means they are on the fast track to wrinkly status but with their tackle still intact and (likely) rearing to go! Or champing at the bit, as the case may be.

Youngsters may laugh, nay sneer, at the thought of silver surfers or golden oldies (or just plain pensioners) engaging in activities, that for some reason – known only to themselves – believe to be the prerogative of the young and smooth skinned. Wrinklies pushing the envelope under the sheets, entwining arthritic bodies? Disgusting!

Not so, sweet youth. There’s many a wrinkly that can teach youth a thing or two. Satisfaction does NOT depend on acrobatics, studs in odd places, how far you can stretch your tongue, swallowing down a gallon of lager, or anything other accoutrement that may be considered as part of the mating game. No. It is love, patience, tenderness, unhurried fore play, desire to give pleasure as much as receive it, a joining of souls in union of desire that bonds a couple and the oldies have had years of practice. What is more — they have the time to indulge their fancies. Not all pensioners want to use a free bus pass travelling here and there day after day. There are other things they can do without cost and which provide plenty of execise!

SEX, Sex, Sex. You don’t have to be sex mad – just enjoy it. Whatever age.

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