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Time For a Change…

July 27, 2011

How odd! I visit my site and find my header picture has disappeared. So I quickly replace it with a new one of the Lake District.
This made me think about other things more personal. Time indeed for a change. I still want to write, but what? I have started a number of new novels for I am not short of ideas, but I don’t have the will to get on with them. They take such a huge chunk out of one’s life, especially when I work at snail’s pace. Time flies and I get more tired. My eyes get sore and I need to move my joints. And yet such things did not bother me when I was deeply engrossed in my novels. Yes, it is true that I am older, but is it just age? I need an incentive to do a large work. I need an incentive to do ANY work!
I live in a beautiful area (the photos are around here), perhaps it is time to let go and just ‘be’ until motivation returns. Something will turn up and I will be rested and ready — or grown too old and can’t be bothered!


(Since writing this I have completed another novel. It is called The Promise and will be published later this year (2012)