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The tragedy in West Cumbria

June 4, 2010

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A sunny day at Whitehaven.

We had only been home just over a week, from our holiday in West Cumbria, when that dreadful happening took place in the very place we visited.
Who was Derrick Bird? What made him snap and kill his brother, colleagues, friends and neighbours? Twelve deaths and eleven injuries, some life-threatening. Then his own life. The horror is too great for my mind to taken in.
Money pressures may be at the heart of it. It may be thought idyllic to live in this magical area, but beautiful scenery does not pay the bills. Anger and hatred, combined with low self-esteem can lead to violence, Someone snaps — have gun will shoot?
Those injured and dead, and their loved ones, are not the only victims. A mother has lost her twin sons — one of them having killed the other. Cain and Abel? The whole area is in grief.
At present I feel strangely detached. I know, deep down, we all have a darker side. We learn to have mastery over it and use it creatively. Even to the extent of only recognising our ‘shadow’ as a force for creativity. But is also a place, a cellar, where our ‘demons’ live. Once the ‘policeman’ dwelling in our ‘upper’ mind — the authority voice, a combination of ‘voices’ that taught us right from wrong— is subdued, then restraint has gone and all hell is let loose. But it is premature to speculate.
But we do need to understand what makes people break under pressure, that is, if we want to avoid these dreadful tragedies.

The Victim – a short poem

February 24, 2010

The Victim

When he returned
each day from duty
never would he speak
of trauma endured
by him
and others
in the heat
of law enforcement

Don’t ask
was all he said

So we didn’t ask
and he didn’t tell

The day we found him
bullet through his head
said it all

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