Fiction and the horror of reality

We have about finished the Colin Forbes book. At least, we have had lots of laughs at, what we consider to be, ridiculous characters and situations. Even what was supposed to be horror we found to be ludicrous.    How different from the reality of criminal violence, suffering and death.  How different too, for many of those who are officially involved at the scene, and in the investigation of bloody accidents, death or injury through violence, child abuse and a whole range of scenarios, many of which, puts the officer ‘on the spot’ at risk himself from the perpetrators of crime.   Police, especially the men, are expected to be tough, not only physically and mentally, but emotionally also.  But they are human, and that which makes them good at their job — a caring attitude and a desire to make things safer and better — also makes them vulnerable.  But macho men can be at conflict within themselves.  Keep up appearances, don’t allow the smallest chip in one’s emotional armour to show.  Isn’t that what we expect from our police officers? After all THEY knew what the job entailed.  On our TV screens, we have seen battles between police and rioters, with bobbies being seriously injured.  We have seen them, and others, at the scenes  of gruesome traffic accidents, raging fires,  horrid murders and domestic violence.  Yes these men (and women) are tough cookies! BUT they are like us — human, not supermen.   Forbes’ Tweed (we call him Weed) and his band of merry men plus tough Paula, are involved in bloody carnage and appear (to us) to be unaffected by it all.  But what of real life? What of those officers we see on the job in the real world?   Read the truth — fact, not fiction.     

One Response to “Fiction and the horror of reality”

  1. Andy O'Hara Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Gladys. Regardless of political differences, there are some things that bind all nations of the world together, and that’s the cops out on the beat doing the dirty work of tracking the murderers and chasing down the speeders. I’ve had the pleasure of touring around some of London’s finest as well as Cairo’s, and they all share the same concerns and cmaeraderie.

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