Ulverston – the festival Town of Furness, Cumbria

And the band played on

And the band played on

This photo was going to be for a story “And the Band Played On” in my new short story book, but it is not what I really wanted as, due to bad weather, they had a pavilion cover and not all their members are present. It certainly is not good enough for the book cover should I have decided to have the story for the book title.
The stories centre around this area, and are quite diverse – humour, horror, murder, mystery, love, passion, bizarre, beautiful. If I stress the local settings will l then put readers off? After all they could take place anywhere.
Getting title and picture right within the total book cover design is not easy. Bad enough thinking up a title that will draw readers like a magnet. I guess this is where cover artists are needed. But, if the book is to earn a little for charity, there will be no money for that!
Oh, decisions, decisions!

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2 Responses to “Ulverston – the festival Town of Furness, Cumbria”

  1. Slim Says:

    http://www.morguefile.com/ is a great place for free-to-use images. I’ve used a couple on cover designs for fellow authors.

  2. Joyful Thiek Says:

    I agree that the picture (shown in the post) is not good enough for a a book cover. And indeed cover designs matter much! (“The first impression is the last impression”)

    Maybe you could find a cover designer who’s willing to help you for the sake of the charity you’re associated with. Maybe you could post a blog entry about it, and who knows what could happen! You just might get lucky…just a thought.

    In any case, I hope the book would be a success.

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