Still Waters Run Deep… to be released Dec.1st


Poster for book

Poster for book



“Still Waters Run Deep, stories of hidden depths” is my latest book of short stories. The prize-winning author, Geoff Nelder, reviewed the book and had this to say:

‘Don’t be fooled by the writings of Gladys Hobson. She appears like a harmless mature woman and so you settle one afternoon to relax into her stories. Then in goes the hot poker and you find the goings on in Ulverston, ignited passion, and Cumbrian emotions. The wicked are saved by pseudonyms, the innocent by their ignorance. This collection is a jigsaw of zeal and a genuine feel for landscape.’

Geoff  Nelder (Award Winning author of numerous works — latest novel, Exit, Pursued by a Bee)

    Mystery and imagination: humour and horror, love and hate, joy and sorrow, poignancy and lust. Passions run deep wherever you live! The settings are both local and further to the north of Cumbria. Photographs increase the reader’s pleasure.    

At a modest £5.99 it is expected to sell quite well (at least, locally) for those small presents to give to others, or to oneself, to while away those quiet times during the Christmas break.  Well, I have a smile on my face — I hope it will still be there in a few weeks’ time!


Still Waters Run Deep. stories of hidden depths

Still Waters Run Deep. stories of hidden depths



Hopeful author!

Hopeful author!

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2 Responses to “Still Waters Run Deep… to be released Dec.1st”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    All the best with this one Gladys. Great cover. Hair will be curled, innocence chased (not chaste).

  2. Gladys Hobson Says:

    The cover picture is a photograph and more of a gold colour – which the book is not. I was not able to download the book cover document, so I photographed the book proof. The book on the poster is more accurate. But anyone can see what it looks like on my Magpies Nest Publishing site. (

    Thank you for your kind remarks on both postings.

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