1949 fashion sketches for Awakening Love

June goes dancing

June goes dancing

I made this dress in 1949 for the Nottingham Arts Ball. The year before I had to borrow a dress — a horrid green bridesmaid dress. My red sandals were painted red by my dad — a tack was sticking out and laddered my stockings! No one asked me to dance and I had a lousy time! But the year after when I wore this pink dress (I had just enough money to buy some material by then) I had a great evening. I had a partner for every dance and one of them became my boyfriend for about six months. he was in  the air force and his home was in Glasgow. He was a heavy drinker and only wanted one thing (which he didn’t get!) so I was not unhappy to end the relationship

Young June in her home-made ballet dress

Young June in her home-made ballet dress

Evening-dress 1949 June Armstrong design!

Evening-dress 1949 June Armstrong design!

1949 Outfit by June Armstrong — Awakening Love

1949 Outfit by June Armstrong — Awakening Love

Awakening Love -  June Armstrong design 1949

Awakening Love – June Armstrong nightdress design 1949

Thinking of getting a trailer video for Awakening Love. I found some designs I did in 1949 — exactly right (to the year) for my book. I found an old photo about right for June (lead character) and tried my hand at sketching June in her home-made ballet dress (witnessing her trying it on sparks off Arthur’s desire for her).

These designs were done on black paper with a fine brush and paint. In those days it was the fashion to have a nippy waist (my waist refused to be nippy!) This dress is the one I made for myself.



Dressing gown

Dressing gown





The whole trilogy — Awakening Love,

Seduction, and Checkmate —

now to be published by Turquoise Morning Press

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7 Responses to “1949 fashion sketches for Awakening Love”

  1. Payton L. Inkletter Says:

    You were a bombshell Gladys! Little wonder you had a partner for every dance at the Nottingham Arts Ball.

  2. freddieMaize Says:

    1949! So you are an experienced person… Experienced that anyone whom I can see right now… Glad to be at your place…

    So how about telling your days as a child to me(or may be ‘us’) when world war was ON. I’m very interested to know about those things but even before I developed this intereset my Grandparents died. So.. Will you.. Sir…

    Okay no probs if you are not interested 🙂 see you


  3. Gladys Hobson Says:

    I have started a new web site devoted to talking about my youth and answering questions posed about life in wartime Britain and afterwards. It is called:
    Ask Gran Hobson

  4. freddieMaize Says:

    Hi Gladys (I had a childhood friend with your name… Nice name), Thanks first of all… 🙂

    Like mentioned in my last comment I’m very much intrested on what you will be writting in your new blog. YOu can count on me. I will be one among your repeated readers. So glad…

    But unfortunately the time that I get to access the internet is very limited… 😦 But still I would be looking forward for your “Ask Gran Hobson” Blog… I also promise that I would promote your blog in which ever way possible if I find it interesting… Good Luck… See you at “Ask Gran Hobson”

  5. 2010 in review « Wrinkly Writers Says:

    […] 1949 fashion and sketches for Awakening Love trailer video — maybe! February 2009 4 comments and 1 Like on WordPress.com, 3 […]

  6. carmelleonard Says:

    Hi Gladys
    In my parents’ wedding photo, in Melbourne Australia , 1949, the bridesmaid was wearing a short veil and carrying a larger bouquet than Mum. Would they have been fashion trends or just individual quirks, do you think?
    Thanks for your time (and your lovely blog)
    HCMC , Vietnam

  7. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Carmel: I have no idea what fashion was (and is) like in Australia. In your parents case it could be a matter of choice. I married in 1953. I had a large trailing bouquet of white flowers, the bridesmaids had posies of bright anemones. They had yellow dresses, I had pale yellow, overlaid with white lace. (I wore a long veil). Maybe the short veils of your mother’s bridesmaids was a notional covering if it was a church wedding. Some people are more particular about these things than others.

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