February 15, Another Nursing Home Visit

February 15, Another Nursing Home Visit

The weather is warmer and the sky is sunny. I visited Geoffrey again today. It must be about four weeks since my last visit but illness and weather has caused problems.

I found him in the lounge seated by a table. He appeared to be sleeping. I touched his arm and spoke his name.

He opened his eyes as I said, “Hello, Geoffrey.”

He looked at me and asked me what I wanted him to do.

And so began my efforts to get him to talk to me. But he was constantly overtaken by tiredness, and his head would go down on his arms, which he had folded on the table.

So I asked him what he had for dinner.

“Fish, I think.”

“And did you have a pudding?”

“I think so, I usually do.”

I talked about things he has spoken about before: His childhood and ordination.

After a little while his face lit up and he smiled. He looked quite youthful for an eighty-nine year old. We had a little banter about his good looks!

It did not last long but, for me, it was manner from heaven!

His head dropped down again and I thought it best to let him sleep. His body had been giving him hell again and he said he felt dirty. (Of course, he was not dirty but he’d done a great deal of scratching all over his body.) Yes, better to let him sleep and hope he had dreams of happier days.

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2 Responses to “February 15, Another Nursing Home Visit”

  1. geoffnelder Says:

    Touching indeed.
    Not to demean anything at all from Geoffrey, indeed I have a funeral of my favourite aunt next week, but a pigeon touched my strings today. It was on my drive up against the house wall, resting from the strong winds. It opened its eyes and fidgeted nervously when I was near but didn’t seem strong enough to move. From its eyes and damaged plumage I’m guessing it’s reached the final stages of its life. I wonder if pigeons get alzheimer? It wasn’t safe: too many nosey and cold-blooded cats around. I thought about moving it into a cardboard box and into the garage but suppose it was just tired and then panicked. So I provided water and crumbs (organic wholemeal). I also used a box as an anti-feline shield. Two hours later I saw it had splashed the water but maybe eaten only a beakful of crumbs. It hobbled away. I wished it a dignified end.

  2. Gladys Hobson Says:

    Poor old thing. Do you think a relative of Goldeneye (the Sparrow Hawk I wrote about) might have had a go at it but the pigeon managed to escape? For big birds, pigeons are highly vulnerable. I’m sure your vegan bread did it a world of good.The fortunes of your pigeon reminds me of Nigel the Seagull I helped a few years ago — remember him? Clearly we are both softies!

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